Your opinion is important to us. That is why we look forward to your comments and contributions in our Bremer Treff community.

Our aim is to illuminate topics in a variety of ways and the discussion can be just as varied.

An opinion does not have to please everyone, but it should be presented according to certain rules.
Because friendly and polite togetherness is our philosophy.

In our Community Guidelines we therefore set some rules for leaving comments and discussions that are binding for everyone.
And also how our admin team proceeds in the event of a violation. We want to ensure that all members of the Bremer Treff community can maintain a lively exchange and open dealings with one another.

To a good togetherness!

Our guidelines

Treat each other politely.
In an open discussion, there can and should be different opinions.
Insults are undesirable.
Criticize based on content, not the person behind it.

Be open to other people's opinions and lifestyles.

Discrimination and defamation based on religion, sexual orientation, nationality and origin, physical and / or mental restrictions, age and gender are not tolerated at any point and are to be omitted.
Stick to the truth. Defamation of people and / or defamation of business or reputation is not permitted.
Stick to the facts.
Avoid disseminating information that cannot be verified.
Your statements should be supported by credible arguments or sources, otherwise they will be removed.

Do not pass on your personal and personal data to third parties.
Do not post the data carelessly and freely accessible on the Internet.

Advertising and other commercial content are undesirable.
If you want to inform the community about your own platforms, such as your own blog, use your profile for this.

Do not pass on third-party content without permission.
Pay attention to the copyright when you share or otherwise publish third-party content.
Make sure sharing is allowed.
You are responsible for all content published under your profile.

Flag quotes. You should only support your post, give a source.
You can use links to refer to more detailed information.

Links to pages with illegal content are not permitted at any time.
The Bremer Treff community is not responsible for the linked content and does not subject it to any systematic checks.

The Admin Team of the community Bremer Treff reserves the right to remove links that violate the listed guidelines and rules.

In the event of a violation

We remove posts that violate the above rules.

We reserve the right to exclude users from the community in the event of repeated violations and / or serious violations.

We reserve the right to end discussions and to close the comment function if the contributions do not follow the above guidelines.